Weight-Loss Sabotage Uncovered

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It’s a new year! You’re excited to begin your journey!

“This is the year I’ll make the important changes in my health and fitness that I’ve always dreamed of….” You encourage yourself with confidence.
(A text arrives on your phone.)

“Lillian’s inviting me to a luncheon at her home next Friday? Oh no… And there go my efforts to lose weight. It seems I can never get a break…” you sadly slap your forehead. Of course there will most likely be healthy options at the event, but as we all know there will also be many unhealthy options there to counteract your efforts.

No matter the scenarios- whether it’s a spontaneous invitation to eat out, a special treat that is delivered to your job, a holiday event, a vacation, or stressful situations that drive you to the fridge…. Whatever the situations are, just know this…. There will always be “opportunities” that attempt to weasel their way into your life, either to slow your progress or stop it altogether.

Everyday life is not set-up for helping you reach your goals. In fact, quite often, if you aren’t the one to set the standards for how you live, everyday “opportunities” (no matter what they are) have the potential to sabotage what you really want out of life.

I’d love to say consistently eating healthy and staying regimented in your fitness is easy… but as we all know, it’s not. In fact, as I write, I am also trying to lose a few unwanted pounds gained through “opportunities” that presented themselves in my own life.

So what do we do when we find that the “opportunities” won’t just go away? Do we simply throw in the towel and leave the success stories to others… those that we perceive were simply “made to live the fit life”? Of course not!

The REAL opportunity to be the best you in life is available to everyone, not simply to those with good genetics… But like everyone else who chooses to live a healthy lifestyle, you and I must also choose to endure the process.

And that is usually where the rubber meets the road.

That’s where it takes God’s strength, GRIT, commitment, and some support from another committed individual to stay in it till the finish… and not give up.

My prayer for you and I this year is that each of us will choose to follow the path we know is best rather than what is easy. May the Lord help each of us choose to do the things we often consider the “hard things” in life, so that each of us can reap the most satisfying rewards that come from not giving up.

“You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.” Hebrews 10:36 NIV


Faye Adams is a contributor to SCW Magazine. Her greatest desire in life is to please the Lord, point others to Him, and bring Him honor.
Find her @purposefulmoms.com



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