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I couldn’t believe that a year has already flown by and it’s almost Christmas! With each passing year it seems like time literally gets on a motorcycle and zooms on by, yelling “see ya later!”. And there I am chasing it, “wait! hold on! I didn’t get to go ice-skating with my family, have a fun girl’s night, toast marshmallows, take my son to see the Nutcracker, go to the fall festival…(insert sad face emoji). Do you ever feel like that? Like you didn’t make the time to enjoy all the lovely things that each season brings, like there will be other days to do that or you think you’ll just go check it out next year. Meanwhile three years have passed, and you still haven’t done what you swore you would do “next year”. It happens to all of us, we think there will always be time until there isn’t. Well I am here to tell you, to cheer up because there is a solution!

Be intentional! I love that word, it literally means done on purpose, willful, pre-planned, and my favorite, pre-conceived. That means what you desire for you and your family needs to start with a plan. Like any good thing, start with a seed, a vision of what you want to accomplish in that season. What do you want to do with your family when it’s spring? It may be to take a road trip, go strawberry picking, maybe even hiking or biking on some beautiful trails. How about in the fall? Camping, checking out a local harvest festival, baking pies as a family? Whatever it may be, choose activities that are seasonal or make them your own but start actively thinking about all the experiences you would like to enjoy with your family. One thing I always wanted to do with my son is bake a homemade cake on his birthday. We talked about it since he was 4 years old, we agreed we would make one on his 5th birthday. Well, his birthday started to get close and it’s a few days before Thanksgiving, so I was even tempted to think amidst all the other responsibilities maybe he’s forgotten or maybe we’ll just bake it next year. After all he would still have a store-bought cake to celebrate with all his friends at his party. Shame on me, lol he doesn’t skip a beat, each night he’d remind me about how he was so excited to make his Double-layer, Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Chips and Nutella Whip Cream. How could I let him down? I always think about the love between parents and their children, especially this time of year and I think about how much our Heavenly Father wants to fulfill every dream He has placed in our hearts and He doesn’t want to let us down. We didn’t have many traditions growing up in my family, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start with my own family. My son and I have decided come rain or shine every year on his birthday we will bake a cake. Next year he said he wants a Vanilla cake!

Write it down! Nothing feels more concrete than making it plain. Whether that’s in your planner or scribbled on the family calendar hanging on the fridge. Make it official! When you write things down, somehow it feels more concrete, definite, like it’s happening this time on that date. Each year since we had our son we want him to experience different events, concerts, festivals etc. and sometimes an idea can sound great but if you don’t put it down in your calendar those activities will come and go, and you will miss out on those experiences that you could have had. Tentative or not, we have started to scribble in anything we want to do as a family. Yes, plans can change, things happen and that’s ok, but at least if we have it written down it’s more likely we’ll plan around our schedule to make it happen. I know for me and my family, it’s more likely that we will make time for a scheduled function if we already have it on our calendar. Same goes for girl’s nights with my friends, me and my childhood friends have decided we would try to meet one night a month. We have wanted to do this for years, but we never scheduled these dates in advance and years passed by. A few months ago, we decided we would schedule these dates a month in advance and I can tell you that made all the difference for us! Experiences, memories, traditions, however small or big take intention and planning. Spontaneity is great too, but let’s not leave all our treasured memories up to chance. Let’s create, let’s make those memories for us and for our families and friends for years to come!

If you want to take a peek at how my family spent one very hot fall day, making memories at this year’s Sweetfields Farm festival here is the link!

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