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As a mom, Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday… for my children.

It’s the one holiday where I as a mom can help focus my children’s thoughts beyond themselves and onto God and others.

From Thankful Trees to simply writing out what we are thankful for, I can help my children focus on God’s goodness, grace, and many mercies on us throughout the past year. It also keeps them more aware of His hand in their lives in the coming year.

Tree in progress

I also love Thanksgiving because it offers a brief window of time where we are not talking about what we want, but how we can give to others in need. Before the season of gifts and gift giving, overspending, and excess, it is important that we turn our children’s hearts towards God’s blessings on our lives and remind them that not everyone has the same blessings we do.

Several ways we can help our children think of others is to find and participate in a local food drive. Find out if your church has a food pantry or soup kitchen that your children can help in. Our children have helped with one of the food pantry ministries in our church, and I have noticed my daughter checking out canned foods at the grocery store because she is aware of the kinds of foods needed for the pantry.

Another way to help your children think of giving to others before the season of “getting” is participating in Operation Christmas Child (featured in the current issue of SCW magazine). By filling a shoebox with items that a child in another country will be able to benefit from, our children will be reminded that they have blessings which they have the ability to share with others.

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, find ways for your children to look beyond their own four walls to the world around them and the needs they are able to help fill. It will help them be a little more thankful this Thanksgiving.


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