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One of my childhood memories includes learning all about my Aunt Leila’s charm bracelets. When my sister and I would visit her home in California we would ask to try them on and carefully inspect each charm while we listened to my Mom and Aunt talk about where each one of them came from. We would listen intently as she shared stories of her home in Nicaragua, her culture and how she came in possession of each of the tiny charms.

Years later I decided to buy a sterling silver base and start my own charm bracelet. Little did I know just how much each of the baubles I collected would hold the same fond memories as those my Aunt Leila had described years prior.

One of my first jobs out of college required that I travel several times a month. I enjoyed finding charms in several of these locations and tying a memory to each one. Charms are an inexpensive, lightweight and a space conscious souvenir that hold their monetary value.

When buying a charm bracelet base you want to be sure that the links of the bracelet are far enough apart to house another attachment for the charm and study enough to withstand the weight of several charms. The cost of the bracelet can vary depending on where you purchase it. An 8” double link can be purchased on Amazon for $29. Charms can be found in major department stores, antique shops, airports and inside of malls. They typically run between $5 – $50 a piece and come in every design you could ever imagine. You could design a charm bracelet around a sport, births and birthstones, missions, hobbies, pets, travel or any other topic that is near and dear to you heart. The bracelet itself and a charm or two make great gifts for life’s many milestones.

If you happen to meet a lady wearing a charm bracelet, don’t hesitate to ask her about it. Each small bauble holds a memory just waiting to be shared.
Charm bracelets are a great conversation piece and are a timeless treasure to pass down to loved ones.



Karen Gillman is a woman after God’s heart. A wife, mother, business owner, speaker, published author and philanthropist. Her life work is devoted to helping others seek God and through Him realize and go after their hearts desires. Karen is an award winning business executive, resides in Plant City, FL and loves cooking, crafting and all things homemaking. She considers herself to be an ordinary woman with an living an extraordinary God filled life!


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