Let’s Stop Pretending

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This is the year that we are called to Stop Pretending! Many of us have pretended for too long and didn’t want anyone to know the truth about us. Many of us are good at letting people think we have it all together. The sad truth is that we are all one act away from losing it all. We are trying to be the perfect parent and the perfect wife. We are trying to be the perfect coworker and the perfect neighbor. None of us can be perfect! We have to be honest enough to ask for help and stop pretending.

As I thought about 2018 and where we are already, I’ve realized that I’ve gotten better with pretending. 15 years ago, I didn’t feel comfortable raising my hand and asking for help. 10 years ago, I would never let anyone know that I didn’t have all of the answers. I was so concerned about people that I couldn’t let go of my own issues. That issue began to roll over into my friendships and relationships. I lost friends over the years that I didn’t have to lose. I lost business relationships that I didn’t have to lose. I want to share this information with each of you powerful courageous women before its too late.
P – Stop procrastinating.
What are you putting off that you should start today?
R – Stop walking in regret
What are you holding onto from the past that you cannot change?
E – Stop easing back into sin
Stop going back to the things that are causing you harm.
T – Stop talking down to /about others to make yourself bigger
Putting others down does make you any better. Kill the gossip.
E – Stop enticing others to sin (to do evil)
Hurt people hurt people. Don’t cause others to hurt with you.
N – Stop negotiating with the enemy
Stop making deals with the enemy (those that are against you)!
D – Stop dumbing down to fit in
You are smart and you don’t have to apologize for that.
I – Stop Isolating yourself
Isolation will cause you to be depressed!
N – Stop the negative self-talk
Encourage yourself daily, stop putting yourself down!
G – Stop giving up and pretending to be the victim
You are not the victim, you are victorious!
Be grateful for what God has done and what He’s given you!

This short exercise above will allow you to be free from the bondage and chains that seem to hold you back. I believe that I’m stronger because of my ability to confront my issues and past fears. Your fears are simply afraid of your future self. Don’t allow you current circumstances to determine your future. Now that you have been given the strength to stop procrastinating, there is nothing that you cannot do.

I encourage you to write those statements on a piece of paper or on a vision board and rehearse them over and over. The more you get them into your spirit or your unconscious mind, the more they will become habit and permanent in your thinking. Be aware of your actions because they determine your results! If you want good results, you have to take action. No more procrastinating!

Repeat after me:
This year I will complete more than I did last year.
This year I will love harder than I did last year.
This year I will stop procrastinating like I did last year.
This year I will be better than I was last year.

Now wave goodbye to Procrastination! Let him know that the relationship is over! It’s been a crazy ride, but you’ve found someone new! You are in a new relationship with Productivity and you have big plans for the year ahead!



Kimberly Solomon has endured many trials throughout her existence and is still standing. Had it not been for the Grace of God that kept her, she would not be where she is today! Early on in life, she knew that God would use her, but she did not have full revelation of the process. She is anointed to speak and minister to women of all ages, races, and religious backgrounds.

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