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“I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.”  Psalm 91:1

As I prepared for the latest edition of SCW Magazine, I found myself praying for God to give me direction for the theme we should use. When I received His confirmation on the theme of  “Grateful” I thought two things.

1. It matches the season we are in of Thanksgiving.

2. It’s what I try to be  intentional about.

Like I mentioned,  I try to be intentional at the beginning of my day in starting with a grateful heart. I look out the window of my bedroom and whisper this simple prayer. Lord, I thank you for my health, family, and your provision. It seems simple to say  yet sometimes hard to remember.   I am personally learning that Thanksgiving is more than a holiday it is a posture of  the heart.

What does that mean? The word posture as defined by Merriam Webster means a conscious mental or outward behavioral attitude. What I like about this definition is that it’s not only an inward but also an outward attitude. It’s not just being grateful but also saying to whom I am grateful.

There have been times that I have struggled with sharing with others what my family and I do in ministry. Because I don’t want people think we are “good people” or “giving people” or even “perfect people”. But God has really been working in my heart to “tell of His wonderful deeds” like the Bible verse says.

Recently, my family and I moved to South America to be part of an established ministry. We left everything behind and decided to follow our calling to this nation. This wasn’t an easy decision or move for that matter. But we ultimately wanted to obey what He was asking us to do. To be honest we have our good and bad days but overall we have settled in quite nicely.

During my time of prayer two weeks ago I felt the Lord say, why don’t you ever ask me for anything? You seem to always pray for others needs but not for your own. I whispered, I don’t want you to think I serve you for anything in exchange. I’m grateful for my health, family, and provision. He replied, but if there were one thing you would ask me for what would that be right now. My reply was simple (yet not so simple) a car. Since we left everything behind we also left our cars and were riding the public transportation here or borrowing my father in laws car to get around. We travel everyday about an hour to different cities to go preach at our different church locations. This not only entails lots of buses but also walking from bus stops to final destinations with our four children in tow. We were fine doing it but at the moment I quickly thought a car would be helpful.

Saturday evening we arrived at church, it was a normal service My husband and I were at the alter praying for people when someone walked in and shuffled my husband out of the building. As I wrapped up praying for someone at the alter a darling member came to tell me that my husband was waiting for me outside. I quickly walked out with her to find my husband standing next to a beautiful used white van just perfect for our family. I quickly hugged the person who was blessing us with it and spoke a blessing over him.

I could have reacted differently by saying things like, “well this is a used car and we had a new one” or “it looks beat up” or maybe even “you expect me to ride this after what I’ve had back home”. But instead I was grateful, extremely grateful if I tell you the truth. I wanted to jump up for joy and didn’t out of embarrassment that people may think I was a crazy person.

A few moments passed when I suddenly felt the Lord impress in my heart to share with him what I had asked the Lord for in prayer just a few days prior. His eyes swelled up with tears. He thanked me for sharing with him how God answered my prayer thru his generosity. This car has been an enormous blessing to my family. We’ve been able to get to places without any worry or concern.

I’m learning that a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. Miracles will occur when we become grateful for everything that the Lord provides in our lives.

Let’s give thanks to the Lord with all our hearts for all He has done for us this year!

Founder and owner of Strong and Courageous Women, Francis has been called to service – serving other women to bring hope, life and a reflection of Christ in our everyday lives. This has led her to the creation of Strong & Courageous Women magazine. With years in the hospitality and management industry, Francis knows her biggest job always is being a mom. Married with five children, she walks her journey with God, family, and work. Connect with me on social media via Facebook at Strong and Courageous Women, @SCWLife on Instagram or @SCW_Life on Twitter.

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