Estancia Renacimiento

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As a family who travels often we love to find activities that we can enjoy together. Therefore, when my husband found this quaint little place we knew it was a must. This Estancia (Country Estate) is nestled between the city of Montevideo and the beach of Atlantida. It is found on the countryside of Uruguay where we currently live. It’s filled with family activities such as horse back riding, pony rides for the littles, petting zoo, and an inexpensive little restaurant. But what really impressed us where the beautiful views we were able to enjoy.

This place is surround by the beauty of the countryside and its charm. Acres of land filled with trees, horses, cows, wild birds, and so much more. It has so much to offer for anyone who finds themselves visiting Uruguay and it won’t brake your budget either.


At the entrance of this estancia (Country Estate) you will find an old train car that dates back to 1909 reminding its visitors of its origins. Trains would pass by on a daily basis transporting its passengers from the city to the countryside.


Of course, we jumped right on to see if somehow we could feel some of that 1900’s era. The kids walked thru the car and were amazed at how good it still looked.


We then walked over to select our horses and chat with the Gaucho (Uruguayan Cowboy). We wanted to know what type of breeds they kept on the grounds, how old they were, and how they were trained. We enjoyed a 20-minute ride around their trails and heard all about the other species of animals and trees found there.


This is a Gaucho, he is considered a cowboy in Uruguay. They are the ones that are in charge of  training and take care of horses or other animals on any Estancia found in Uruguay.


The boys had a really good time as you can tell from these pictures. It was our first outing in almost three months of being here.


There are also these sweet ponies for littles that were guided by their trainers completely safe and protected for their enjoyment.


They also offered tractor led wagon rides to take you around their premises. The wagon goes out every 20 minutes for those that choose not to go horse back riding.


After horse back riding we were famished and decided to step into their charming little restaurant. There we enjoyed some typical Uruguayan dishes such as milanesa con fritas (breaded steak and fries), Canelones de Verdura con salsa bechemel (Crepes with vegetable filling and bechemel sauce), and chorizo al pan (sausage sandwich).


The grounds were truly beautiful. There was such a scenery, nature in all its splendor. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who visits.  There is actually a hotel where you may stay on the grounds. My family and I will surely be back.


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