How Daily Parenting Decisions Reflect Your Faith

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How Daily Parenting Decisions Reflect Your Faith

Motherhood. Now that you have been blessed with the privilege and responsibility of raising children of your own, a desire to honor God with your parenting quietly resonates and influences your interactions with your children. You also want to demonstrate your faith so that they understand what it looks like to follow Jesus. That’s why it is so encouraging to know that at a young age, faith-based discussions are not required; you already model those traits in everyday parenting decisions!

When you live out your faith in front of your family, it isn’t always in big ways. Sometimes the most impactful faith lessons are learned from your nightly prayers in your children’s rooms. Or the moment that you pause to pray for those involved in a car accident as you drive by. When you thank God for your meal at the dinner table, or you have quiet discussions about what the Bible says regarding morals and values – you make it clear to your children that your relationship with God directs everyday, little decisions as well as the major ones.

Life’s Struggles
Inevitably, in the course of your child’s life, your family will face a difficult season. This might be the terminal illness of a grandparent, the death of a pet, the loss of employment, or an unexpected cross-country move. In these times, your children will look to you for how to respond and handle the trials. When they hear you claim the promises that God has given about our future (Jer. 29:11), or remind them of the security we have (Deut. 31:6), or remember God’s goodness to us (Ps. 23:6), they will understand what it means to put their trust in the sovereign hand of God – no matter what things seem like at the moment.

Life’s Celebrations
Along with difficult seasons come times of joy and celebration. These are also opportunities for your children to understand how God demonstrates His love to us through blessings. When your child wins a school talent show, you get a promotion, or your family gets to go on a dream vacation together, you are given the chance to make it very clear in front of your children to whom the praise is due. You might spend a moment discussing that every gift is from God (James 1:17), that He continually blesses us (John 1:16), or that he showers us with blessings because He loves us (Ez. 34:26). Through these examples of praise and thanksgiving for God’s goodness, your children come to understand that gratitude is born out of faith.

You may sometimes think that helping young minds to grasp the concept of faith is challenging, if not impossible. But take heart! The choices that you make in your daily lives are a clear and constant example and reflection of what a living faith looks like. And your children can’t help but notice and absorb those lessons. What a blessing for you and your kids!

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