5 Reasons Single Moms Love Valentine’s Day!

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    In the words of Beyoncé, “All the single ladies, all the single ladies! Put your hands up!” So,  you’re a single, working mom and it’s Valentine’s Day. What should you do? Feel pretty darn lucky that’s what! I asked around, and I got the WSMS (Working Single Mom’s Scoop ) on Valentine’s Planning. […]

The Thankful Tree

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    I want to raise thankful children. Children who appreciate without being told to. Children who say thank you without prompting. Children who don’t expect to receive, but are abundantly grateful when they do. As people, we usually forget to be thankful, and in turn, we forget to model it for our children. We […]

Our Gifts

Our Gifts

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In the last month, I’ve been asked, “Where did this talent come from?” My answer is always short and sweet “The Lord”! The truth is, my professional experience is in an entire different field. Therefore, I am certain this writing is not my own. However, thru my process I have learned God does not use […]