Beautiful Mess

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As the holidays approach, our mind’s eye sees the finished product of all our preparations. The table is set elegantly. The food is cooked to perfection. The children are contentedly playing games and the adults are enjoying quality conversation. In the background, music plays as the camera of our mind pans out in satisfaction.

It’s beautiful… and most likely inaccurate! If your family is like most, the day of celebration arrives with some harried nerves, burnt cookies, and small chaotic fires that need to be put out before the family sits down to a lively… sometimes too lively… meal. Your mind throws up its hands in resignation as you smile at the precious faces around your table. It’s a mess, but it’s a beautiful mess.

Life is no different. Our mind sets a course for how life should look and we frame a lovely belief of how it will all come together. But then, reality bumps the frame and the picture begins to fracture and morph into what we never expected. We look at those broken dreams and see a mess. We wonder how anything good can come of the brokenness in and around us.

But there is beauty in our mess.

“You are a beautiful mess.” This is the truth that the Lord whispered into my aching heart as I was journeying through the valley. How gently these words settled over my spirit. I allowed them to soak in, drenching my soul with the richness of truth. I am a beautiful mess… His beautiful mess. He looks down on me, lovingly picks me up, and cuddles me, even while I’m wrapped in the mess of life. He peels away the layers of woundedness, confusion, worry, and doubts. And then, my Daddy speaks truth into my heart, strengthening me with His love and affirmation. So, you see, I’m His beautiful mess. So are you!

We are in good company. Let me introduce you to a few beautiful messes…

Jacob, a deceiver from birth, was willing to wrestle with God for a blessing he couldn’t live without.
Rahab, a woman who most likely earned her living on her back, stood tall in God’s sight because of her faith.
Tamar, in desperation, seduced her father-in-law and in so doing became part of the lineage of the Messiah.
David, whose choices caused death and pain, walked in repentance, passionately pursuing God.
Martha, anointed with the gift of serving, struggled to balance her desire to bless Jesus and be blessed by Him.
Peter, denied Jesus three times on the night of His death, but spent the rest of his life proclaiming His goodness to the world.
Beautiful messes…

Oh, how the Father adores us! We are a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord, He delights in us! He rejoices over you and me with singing (Isaiah 62:3-5, Zephaniah 3:17). He has carved our name on His hand (Isaiah 49:16). We are His special, precious children (I Peter 2:9, I John 3:1-3)!

Sometimes life is messy. We are messy. Choices we make or choices made for us create circumstances that aren’t neat or pretty or easy or fun. But our Heavenly Father looks down and sees us for who He created us to be. He sees the beauty in us, the essence of His creation, made in His likeness, covered in the precious blood of Jesus. He loves me!

He loves you too, Beautiful Mess


Joy is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, but most importantly, a Princess daughter of the King of kings! She is learning to “live loved,” being confident that all she needs can be found in a relationship with her Heavenly Dad! Everything else in life is icing on the cake! Her desire is to encourage others! She accomplishes this through teaching, training, speaking, writing, and sharing. She hopes that her words will always be ones that build others up and encourage them to fulfill their destiny. Joy desires that each reader & listener would experience the blessing and confidence of “living loved” by a Gracious Heavenly Father. Find her

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