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NO!  I said “Accessorize”

I hear it all the time… “I don’t know how to accessorize”.  Ladies!!  Style is not about WHAT you wear, it is about HOW you wear it.  Oscar de la Renta says “A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories”.  You can looked pulled together in a less than exciting outfit (my staple is jeans & a tank top) by just adding some fun accessories.  In order to exude confidence you have to not only be comfortable in your own skin but also in what you wear.   Wear what you wear with pride and fierceness!  For me, I feel most comfortable in skinny jeans, rolled up with some cute booties, a tank top & then bring on the accessories…. “arm candy” (lots of layered bracelets for those who don’t know the term!), a necklace (tassels are a top trend right now) & a pair of hoops…voila!… I’m good to go.  Maybe for you it’s a suit or maybe it’s your gym clothes?  Any way you slice it, accessories can add to any outfit!

Style has evolved so much over the years.  Friends, it’s not about the purse matching the belt matching the shoes anymore.  Matchy-matchy is so 2000.  It’s not about ALL gold or ALL silver.  Yes, I know it’s crazy but you can mix metals.  In fact, it’s a trend to do so!  Try it, you might like it!

The saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is so cliché.  These days it’s all about staying on trend with fabulous costume jewelry.  It’s way less expensive and way more fun.  For the holidays, layer your look.  Smaller, layered chains are on trend right now. Layer a short necklace with a long necklace.  Natural stones are on trend.  Horns, arrows & feathers are a big jewelry trend right now.   Of course for the holidays, people bling out but the overall look for jewelry is more Boho Chic these days.  Simplistic and dainty.  Earthy.  Flowy.

You can create a simple everyday look by a few staples in your accessory stash.  A few short necklaces, a few long necklaces, a couple pairs of hoops, a couple pairs of studs and a few bracelets that match your personal style.  If you wear a lot of color and prints, you want neutral colored accessories – taupe’s, ivory, cognac, metal.  If you wear a lot of black, mix it up with a pop of color for your accessories.

Accessory defined is: “used to complete an outfit and chosen to specifically complement the wearer’s look”.  No matter your style, accessories are the part of your outfit that will get most noticed and you will receive the most complements on.  In the words of Michael Kors, “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.”  What do your accessories exclaim about YOU?

Rachel Ward is the owner of a Jewelry biz {Gemara’s Gems} and inspirational t-shirt company {Rachel Gemara}.  Her merchandise can be found in many locations throughout Tampa {and surrounding cities}, Sarasota & Winter Park, FL.  OR, for your shopping pleasure & an amazing community of women, find her online at http://www.facebook.com/groups/gemarasgems/


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