Strong and Courageous Magazine is designed to influence the modern-day woman from a Christian perspective. It is written to encourage, strengthen, bring resolve and draw courage to her walk-in life. Together, we are igniting a fresh outlook to the Christian magazine world, while tackling real issues and building a fierce community of women.


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The Thief of Our Joy

Lately, I’ve been thinking of taking up running again. Before we moved to this new town I was an avid runner. My mornings would entail at least 4 miles and then a work out. However, moving here caused a change in my routine ending my running sprees. The other morning, I observed as my neighbor […]

Is He Really Who You Think He Is?

She quickly moved to make room on the counter for the groceries her father was bringing in. The scowl on his face told her he wouldn’t have much patience for waiting. When he’d hoisted up the last grocery bag, they both unloaded the food quietly. She noticed that his complexion was looking healthier, a little […]

I’m Not Afraid of the Dark….Anymore!

Okay, well I’m not afraid of the dark… most of the time! Darkness represents different things at various stages of our lives. Prior to being introduced to Jesus, the darkness is spiritual deadness. When we meet Him and encounter His grace, He brings us from darkness into His glorious light! (I Peter 2:9) When our […]

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