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You Don’t Need A Relationship to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

I know Valentine’s Day was last week and if you are single, it could have been a difficult day or week. On my journey of being satisfied during my single season, I would treat Valentine’s Day like any other day of the year to barricade myself from falling into the trap of feeling sorry for […]

Tilling Our Hearts Soil

I love to garden. There is something about digging in the soil and harvesting food and flowers that is very therapeutic for me. I can get lost for hours in the heat and dirt, alone with God to toil over the harvest of the earth. I believe that God built this desire in me for […]

Let’s Stop Pretending

This is the year that we are called to Stop Pretending! Many of us have pretended for too long and didn’t want anyone to know the truth about us. Many of us are good at letting people think we have it all together. The sad truth is that we are all one act away from […]

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