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As a beauty writer, I tend to focus on sharing the latest tips in season. However, for this blog I decided to share with you something found in the scriptures in regards to beauty. To me this subject is far more important. It’s a scripture that has intrigued me for quite some time. 1 Peter […]

Nightstand Nemesis

I seem to be in a constant state of tension with my nightstand.  It’s a love/hate kind of thing.  Like most bedrooms, our bed is offset by matching nightstands.  Each surface contains an alarm clock, lamp, box of tissues, phone charging chord, and an ever-evolving stack of books.  As I dust my nightstand each week […]

I Got Caught

  “Ok God. I’ll do this. I’ll pray but . . .” I paused, “But I really don’t think You are listening. It’s like I’m talking to myself here.” Feeling ridiculous, I went on spilling my awkward, choppy and garbled thoughts in the privacy of my living room. It was spiritual baby talk, no eloquent […]

Keep Going

I slammed the front door on the way out, bent down to double knot my sneakers and ran away from my house as if my life depended on it.    In the soft light of dawn, I ran from the holiday craziness my world had become lately. I ran from the frantic to-do list countdown that […]


It was a typical Monday morning; I was running errands. On my way to the bank I suddenly realized I was going the wrong direction. You see, a couple of months’ prior the branch closest to me had now closed and I would have to drive to another location. It wasn’t a major inconvenience but […]

Having Real Friends

Lately, I’ve been on the journey of praying for real friends, not that I don’t have any but since moving it’s been rather hard to share time with any of them. In my time of prayer, I wanted to be specific for what I was asking for. Therefore, I took the time to define the […]

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